OCADU Artist Alley

I was selected to be a part of the OAA Executive Team, a student-lead organization that holds bi-annual art fairs for OCADU students and alumni. As the event's poster designer, I illustrated and designed the poster used to promote the first in-person return of the event in three years. Using the existing style guidelines, I aimed to emulate the organization's bright, sunny image.

Project Role: Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Timeline: 2022

The initial linear draft. I was inspired by posters from previous years which featured symbols such as garlands, clouds, and stars. Additionally, I made sure to include a nod to the iconic checkerboard pattern of the Sharp Centre for Design.

The final version, coloured with the organization's official palette. The hues are pastel versions of the three primary colours which I contrasted with deeper, saturated variations throughout.

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