Partial Gallery

A series of varying projects for Partial Gallery, an online art marketplace and rental service created to highlight emerging Canadian artists from diverse backgrounds. 

Project Role: Illustrator
Timeline: 2022

Tote Hangtag

To accompany the launch of Partial's limited edition tote, I created the illustration for the product's 2x4" hangtag. The focus was to showcase the distinct design of the bag, while maintaining the theme of art and art collection. The client wanted the hangtag to be a fun, colourful image that contrasted against the product.

1/2 of the concept sketches. This iteration revolved around the main quote used in promotional material.

2/2 of the concept sketches. This was the chosen version that featured the bag in its entirety, along with art-related items.

The completed illustration coloured with the brand's official palette, and matched to the tote's likeness.


The illustration "Art Thinker" was created for a set of blank 4x6" postcards sent out to the company's network of clients, customers, and other connections. This piece was intended to be for the art collector, as a postcard that could be casually displayed in one's home.

The in-progress linear. The client proposed the idea of a collage styled image titled "Art Thinker", which displays a side-profile with differing art-related items throughout. For these items, I chose to reference famous motifs from art history in combination with abstract patterns and shapes. 

The coloured draft using the brand palette. During the revision stage, alterations that were asked to be made included a change of background colour, and the addition of a handwritten quote.

The completed illustration, submitted to print.

The postcard and hangtag on top the limited edition tote. (1/2)

The postcard and hangtag on top the limited edition tote. (2/2)

Email Spot Illustrations

A series of 1:1 spot illustrations developed for the varying automated emails sent by Partial. The target demographic was for a more mature, refined audience, requiring the tone of each spot to match. I opted to utilize the more dull, deeper colours of the brand palette to reflect this.

The sketch for the Welcome (Customer) email.

The Welcome (Customer) email illustration.

The sketch for the Welcome (Artist) email.

The Welcome (Artist) email illustration.

The sketch for the New Purchase email.

The New Purchase email illustration.

The sketch for the New Rental email.

The New Rental email illustration.

The sketch for the Expiring Rental email.

The Expiring Rental email illustration.

The sketch for the Inbox (Artist) email.

The Inbox (Artist) email illustration.

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