Post Growth Summit 

In partnership with Highwire Collective and OCAD University, I joined the Post Growth Summit's marketing and communications team at OCADU CO. The upcoming summit is the first event of its kind in Canada devoted to exploring a post-growth economy, while redefining entrepreneurship through a diverse, feminist lens. I was assigned the role of designing the event's visual identity, while also overseeing its application through the set design, official website, and social media channels. Futhermore, I was a featured speaker at the event's artist panel.

Project Role: Graphic Design Lead
Timeline: 2022

Visual Identity

The identity was envisioned to pay homage to handmade feminist zines, constructed through collage and found print material, while the use of chevron patterning and diagonal lines signify an upwards trajectory. In regards to the colour palette, both red-orange and violet were selected as the primary brand colours. Red-orange was chosen with the use of colour psychology in mind to evoke action and change, while the choice of violet was to represent the historical roots of the hue used throughout first wave feminist protests.

The primary wordmark. During the research phase, "cyclical" was a key term used in discussions. I opted to visualize this through the italicized "O", and elongated round bar.

The submark. It was important to highlight the feminist aspect of the summit, resulting in the typeface choice of Abril Fatface, which was co-created by a woman designer.

Social media assets personally created for the event.

The event set. Images courtesy of Carmina Miana.

Artist Panel and Pop-Up

To open the summit, I spoke with pk mutch as an OCAD Artist Alley representative during the artist marketplace panel. The discussion revolved around my professional practice, and opinions on post-growth ideology and the creative economy at large. 

An excerpt of the panel.

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